Understanding Screw Pile Foundations

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Based on the traditional method of laying a structure's foundation, trenches need to be dug out to place steel and concrete. Looking at this process closely, you require several labourers and digging and dumping machines and equipment to dig out the trenches and transport soil, a lot of concrete and steel to fill the trenches and time to let the concrete cure and harden.

Even though this method is still used, you find that you might end up spending a lot of money hiring labourers to dig foundation trenches, hiring digging and dumping equipment and buying steel and concrete. You might also displace soil and waste a lot of time waiting for the concrete to harden. Find out below how screw piles save you money and time.

Screw Piling Process

Instead of digging trenches, screw piles are screwed into the ground by hydraulic equipment. The piles comprise of helices and a shaft; they look like screws with lesser and wider threads and pitches hence the name screw piles. Because of the screwing action, you do not require a lot of labour and equipment, you just need a hydraulic machine to screw the piles into the ground which takes a short time. Compare digging trenches and just having to screw in a pile; you can agree that it saves time and labour.

What Happens after the Piles Have Been Screwed into the Ground?

Steel is inserted into the shafts of the piles and then concrete is poured for reinforcement. A concrete foundation is also poured to provide a flat flooring surface and to connect all piles. The concrete foundation poured does not consume as much concrete and steel as a traditional foundation, meaning you save on costs.

Are Screw Piles Stable?

Yes, they are; many factors are considered before they are placed. These include soil properties, earthquakes and even floods. The good thing about screw piles is that if you need to change up the foundation, you can easily do so inexpensively.

It is important to find out whether the screw piles can screw into rocks. You will, of course, come to a layer that has rocks and you want the pile to be able to drill through it and hold firm.

Screw Pile Costs

Depending on various factors like the size and weight of your structure, soil properties and number of screw piles required, the cost of installing screw piles can either be high or low. This shows you that there is no fixed screw pile cost.

For more information, contact a screw piling contractor.


21 January 2020

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