Water Tank Care Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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Water tanks are vital in every home as they aid in water storage. This ensures that property owners don't worry about water shortages, especially if they don't have a constant water supply. But, like other items in a home, the tanks need to be maintained regularly to keep the water clean and safe for use and also ensure that the tank lasts longer. Below are some simple care tips you should consider to achieve these objectives.

Determine your requirements

Water tanks come in various forms and shapes, and as such, it is crucial to determine your needs as you buy a tank. Some of the factors that will determine your care and cleaning plan include the material, tank opening and size. For instance, if you have decided to buy a plastic tank, make sure it has the capability to keep the UV rays out since sunlight promotes algae growth, which eventually leads to diseases in animals and humans. Therefore, ensure the tank colour doesn't allow the rays of the sun to penetrate into the stored water.

If it's your first time buying a water tank, consider talking to the suppliers about the features of different tanks and maintenance as well. This will help you make an informed decision and know how to care for the tank from the beginning.

Conduct regular inspections

Your water tank needs to be inspected after a few months to identify any issues. During the inspection, you will need to look for signs of damage or leakage and call an expert to conduct the necessary repairs when you notice any issues. This way, the tank will last longer, and you'll also avoid water wastage. Another area you should also check during the inspection is the gutter system. Make sure you clean it and check for holes, cracks and sagging as these problems will affect water quality and flow.

Vermin and mosquitos also like to live in water tanks. You can install a mesh or use tablets that produce chlorine dioxide gas to eliminate the mosquito larvae on the tanks.

Clean and sanitise the tanks

Over time, sludge and sediment can accumulate in your tank, and this affects the quality of water. For this reason, it's essential to clean and disinfect the tank once a year to kill bacteria and remove all forms of debris or dirt. Remember to assign this task to experts since they know the necessary steps they should take to prevent contamination. The last thing you want is to allow your family to use unsafe water since this will cause health problems.


21 January 2020

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