Key Points to Know About Formatubes

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Many contractors already know about formatubes and what they can do on the job site. What you may not know is how they can be used beyond the task of holding the concrete during curing and setting. Here are a few of the key points you need to know and what you need to understand about the uses of formatubes on the job site. 

Pouring Options

A key point that you may not know about the use of formatubes deals with pouring options. There are misconceptions that the only way the concrete can be formed is through a traditional top-pour method. The truth is, there are several pouring options available. You can use a pour-up method with the tubes. This method allows you to set the framework then move to the pouring and tube stage. The pour-down method can also be used to allow you to pour the concrete at a time that works best for you on the job site. This means that formatubes can be used regardless of your pouring techniques while still achieving the same results you would get without the tubes. 

Joining Options

An aspect of construction you may not be aware of is joining. With tubes, you do have joining options. Joining refers to joining the tubes so you end up with specific designs for the concrete in your finished project. This joining could be to strengthen the foundation. The joining can also be to create a design or pattern for aesthetic purposes. Formatubes can use a joining tape that will connect the tubes together. They can also be cut so you can achieve a mixing of the concrete between the tubes. 

Wrap Systems

Wrap systems are something that you may not have considered for your formatube project or when tubes are mentioned at all. The wrap system is a step used when you can not top-fit the column. When this happens, a wrap system can be used to connect the side and other areas to give you the same effect. This method can also be used over and over on the site. This helps cut your product costs and helps you to get the job completed on time regardless of the original issue with the top fitting. 

When you are ready to start a new job where formatubes can be used, contact your local formatube dealer. They can help you with your order and with delivery of the tubes you need. They can also help you with questions on pricing and bulk orders, and with storage questions if you will be storing the tubes for later jobs. If you are unsure of what type of tubes you need for your job, let your manufacturer know, and they can help you determine what will work for your projects. 


22 January 2020

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