Top Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Metal Balustrade Design

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While balustrades have traditionally been functional features in commercial facilities, this is changing as interior designers strive to improve their creativity to deliver exceptional work. This has been driven by the continued demand for aesthetically appealing stairways, balconies and terraces in commercial facilities. That said, interior designers must understand that the metal balustrade design they choose depends on various factors. This article highlights these aspects.

Source of Light — When looking at a building, you need to understand the direction of the source of light in relation to the location of the metal balustrade. This is important because the design you choose might or might not work well with its location when hit by light. For instance, if a skylight window were to be installed directly above a metallic spiral stairway, it would be a wise choice to choose balustrades made from perforated metal. This is because the patterns in the perforated metal will cast beautiful shadow patterns for a stunning effect. If, on the other hand, the staircase is away from any external source of light, then a glass-metal balustrade will suffice. The glass section will let through light, thereby illuminating the stairway. 

Safety for Occupants — At any given time, a commercial building can house many different people, including children. Safety is, therefore, paramount to avoid accidents, and metal balustrades can help in this department. For example, if children frequent a facility, then some of them will likely push their heads through metal railings on the balustrades. Therefore, such a design will not work as far as the safety of kids is concerned. Instead, a metal balustrade with patterned metalwork would be a better alternative. In buildings where children are not a safety concern, designers can install metal balustrades with bigger spaces. The advantage is that the less you have to think about safety, the more room you have to experiment with different metal balustrade designs. 

Material Mix — While you can solely use metal for your balustrades, the trend today is to mix metal with different materials to achieve an elegant design. However, you need to be careful with your approach because wrongly matched materials will make the balustrade stand out like a sore thumb. For example, for a commercial building whose interior is mostly glass, a purely metal balustrade will be out of place. A metal-frame balustrade with glass panels, on the other hand, will fit right in with the décor. Therefore, mix and match different materials with metal balustrades based on the overall décor.

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24 January 2020

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