4 Design Tips to Create an Industrial-Style Room

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Not every living space is well-suited to the industrial look, but if you want to implement an industrial theme in your home décor, these four tips will help give you the look you want.

1. Don't hide your mechanical systems

Perhaps the best way to instantly give an industrial feel to a space is to open the various mechanical systems in the room. If it's a kitchen, expose the plumbing.No matter which room in the house it is, unearth the ductwork. If this isn't possible without opening a lot of walls, hire someone to do some new ductwork fabrication. Adding bright, shiny metal vents that flank the ceiling and run down the walls will instantly add that industrial style you're looking for. Well-fabricated ductwork can be a work of art unto itself and will enhance your room.  

2. Choose industrial-style lighting fixtures

You aren't likely to find a chandelier or any other fancy light fixtures in an old factory, and they will be equally out of place in any space you want to have an industrial look. Choose light fixtures that look like they belong in an industrial commercial setting rather than residential fixtures.

Pendant lamps with Edison bulbs and wire cages over the bulb are an excellent choice. Recessed lighting is another good option. Track lighting, while not necessarily industrial, is another good option as you can use it to highlight the other industrial style features of the room, such as your new ductwork on the ceiling.

3. Create a brick wall

If you are lucky enough to have an older home or loft apartment, you may already have brick under the plaster just waiting for you to expose it. However, most people will need to create a brick wall. Bricks weigh a lot, so unless you are building a brick wall on the ground floor, you're going to need a professional for this project. It's important the floor can support the additional weight. Another option is to create a faux brick wall, using only thin slices of brick to tile an existing wall.

4. Choose the right furnishings

If you want an authentic industrial living space, you're going to need the right kind of furniture. Look for pieces that you wouldn't normally find in a home and see if you can repurpose them. For example, a large tire rim with a piece of glass over it could make an interesting end table. Choose things made from metal or aged wood to add a unique flair.


29 January 2020

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