3 Useful Door Features to Look for in a Commercial Fridge

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You may have already decided whether to go for a glass or solid door for your kitchen's fridge; however, this isn't the only customisation you can choose. Commercial refrigerator doors come with different features that make them easier and safer to use.

Which features should you look for in a door?

1. Automated Opening

Hygiene is important in a commercial kitchen. You need to keep surfaces clean and sanitised to avoid bacterial growth and cross-contamination between different foodstuffs.

Your staff handle different types of food every day. Some of this food will be fresh and some of it will be cooked. You all have to avoid passing on traces of one type of food to another or into a different area. If you have regular handles on your fridge, then your staff will touch them many times a day. They may pass food traces and bacteria onto the handles, where other people can pick them up. As well as passing substances from hand to hand, people may then transfer them to the food they are preparing. This can cause cross-contamination problems.

Some commercial fridges come with automated openers. For example, you can buy doors that open and close with a foot pedal. This takes handles out of the equation, which could make the fridge door more hygienic.

2. Self-Closing Operation

If you run a busy kitchen, then your staff have to work quickly and efficiently. If someone is running behind with an order, then they might rush to get something out of the fridge but fail to close its door afterwards. An open fridge door wastes energy. The food inside the unit also suffers. It may not be kept at a safe temperature.

It makes sense to look at self-closing doors. These doors automatically shut themselves. So, even if someone forgets to close the door behind them, the fridge won't be left open for long.

3. Locks

If you store prime cuts of meat or expensive fish and seafood in your fridge, then its contents have significant financial value. If someone were to break into your kitchen and steal these items, then you'd lose a fair amount of money. For extra security, consider adding a lock to the door. This allows you to secure the unit when your kitchen is closed so that your stock gets some protection.

To find out more about these and other door features, talk to commercial kitchen equipment suppliers.


21 February 2020

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