How to Vandal-Proof a Flagpole

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If you're in the process of choosing a new flagpole, then you need to think about keeping the pole and its flag safe. Flagpoles can be magnets for vandals and people messing about, so it makes sense to choose a flagpole and accessories that will deter vandalism. What kind of features will help you do this? 

Hidden Mechanisms

Some flagpole workings are on the outside of the pole. For example, some products have halyards and ropes running down the pole itself or attached to an adjacent wall. While this makes it easy for you to run your flag up and down the pole — you simply need to detach the rope, use it and then tie it up again — it also allows anyone else to do the same thing. You can't prevent people from accessing the mechanism, so someone could take your flag down and steal it. They could even cut the rope so that you can't use the pole at all until you have a new rope fitted.

If you buy a flagpole with an internal or hidden mechanism, then everything you need to use the pole is safely locked away. For example, an internal halyard sits in a box inside the pole itself; some wall cleats can be covered with a lockable box. In these instances, you can only use the flagpole if you have the key.

Ground Collars

If your flagpole is bolted into the ground, then a determined vandal could try to loosen the bolts to push or pull the flagpole down. Any open fixings make a pole more vulnerable.

Some manufacturers sell flagpoles with collars that fit around the base and its fixings. These cover this vulnerable area and keep it more secure and safe from tampering; this is a feature worth looking for.

Anti-Climb Collars

While vandals can mess with a flagpole and a flag, some people see a flagpole as a challenge — they may try to climb up it. Obviously, this is dangerous for them. Your flagpole may also get damaged if someone does manage to shinny their way to the top.

You can buy accessories to prevent people from trying this. For example, anti-climb collars can sit around the pole at key points. They have spikes on them which deter people from trying to climb around them.

To find out more about how to keep your flagpole secure, safe and free from vandalism, ask a flagpole manufacturer for advice.


27 March 2020

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