Fundamental Safety Tips to Consider When Using a Hired Generator

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Petrol generators are an excellent energy source you can consider when you have an event or project and cannot use the grid power. Many companies currently provide generators for hire and can offer a generator that meets your needs. But before you consider getting a petrol generator hire, there are several basic safety tips you should know.

Careless use of the generator can cause serious safety hazards like electric shocks, injuries, and fires. Here are some tips that will guarantee safety and reliability whenever you are using a petrol generator.

Read the manual

Every petrol generator comes with a manual that the user needs to read and understand before using the equipment. So, before you use the generator, it is essential to familiarise yourself with the product instructions. The document will outline all the guidelines you need to follow and precautionary measures — warning labels and notes must be noted to prevent accidents. Remember that manuals vary from one generator to another, so don't assume that you know how to use the equipment if you haven't checked out the manual.

Place the generator in a ventilated area

Petrol generators come with gas engines that emit exhaust fumes when they are turned on. These exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide, a gas you shouldn't inhale. The gas is odourless, invisible, and could be deadly when it is inhaled. Therefore, be sure to keep your petrol generator outside or in a well-ventilated area. Also, make sure that the area is shaded and dry.

Don't place the power cables on open areas

Running the power cables in areas where people are walking or relaxing can be detrimental. Someone can easily trip and fall. Besides, the cable could get snagged or be detached from the petrol generator outlet when you least expect it. This may lead to project delays or interfere with your event's proceedings. Experts recommend that you place the petrol generator next to the work or event area, and then keep the power cords protected with cable covers, away from people or pathways.

Avoid overloading the generator

Overloading the petrol generator you've hired can lead to serious problems. So, before you hire a generator, it's vital to determine your power requirements so you can pick the one that suits your requirements. Ask your provider about the amount of power the generator you have chosen can offer or check its power rating. You should never exceed the rating while using the equipment; overloading forces the petrol generator to work harder, which harms the machine and reduces its lifespan.

For more information, reach out to a company that offers products like petrol generators.


9 September 2020

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