Do you need some spur gears manufactured?

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When you are designing any mechanical device that relies on gears then precision is always going to be of the highest importance. Spur gears rely on being able to rotate on parallel axes and to interlock with each other. If the axes are not correctly aligned to each other or if the spur gear manufacturer has not machined the gears to exactly the right specifications then the gearing mechanism is not going to work properly and your product will soon fail, resulting in expensive repair work and customer dissatisfaction. Whether you are creating something small like power hand tools or something much bigger like an escalator or even an aircraft, it is vital that you can find a spur gear manufacturer who is able to work to the highest standards. Here are three points to consider when choosing your manufacturer.

Is it a safety-critical part?

While you will expect your spur gear manufacturer to perform high-quality work it will be up to you to set the tolerances and general level of precision that you need. If your gears are a part of a vital safety feature then the level of precision and workmanship which you need will obviously be greater than if what you are building is less critical or can employ larger tolerances. You must ensure that whichever spur gear manufacturer you choose they understand your requirements and that they have the appropriate tooling and skills to work at the required level.

Is there a design component needed?

Do you just need manufacturing skills or would you like your spur gear manufacturer to design the product from a sketch or even reverse engineer it from an existing gear? Different manufacturers will have different capabilities and it is essential that you are clear right from the start about what you need so that the manufacturer will know whether or they can help you. You don't want to invest time and money with a manufacturer only to find that they are not able to carry out the work that you need.

Once you are satisfied that you have located a spur gear manufacturer with the right machining capabilities and skills then you should take a moment to read through their customer reviews and find out what other people think of their service level and customer care. If everything still looks fine then you can proceed to place your order with confidence. 


28 October 2020

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