Ways to Upgrade Staircases for More Storage

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Staircases do not usually bring the idea of storage to mind. In fact, for many homeowners, the idea of a staircase means a loss of storage room. With the right contractor, you can develop a staircase that has both functionality and storage without sacrificing the look that you are wanting. Here are some of the ways that you can develop storage while having a staircase that fits your decor theme for your home.

Staircase Room

A staircase room is the most common option for building storage into staircases. These rooms are located under the stairs and have a door that is usually placed just under the tallest portion of the under stairs area. The room can house holiday decorations as well as household supplies. You can also store blankets, pillows and even small furniture in the space. Large families may choose to use the room as a spot for toys that are used during the day but take up too much room. If your staircase is big enough, the space can also be used for a pet room or pet bedding area as well. 

Cube Storage Foundation

Cube storage is a popular option for many homeowners. This method uses the foundation of the staircase to form cubes. These cubes can be left open with items stored or on display. For example, you can use the area for book storage or for DVD storage. Another option available to you with cube staircase storage is to use storage bins. These bins can reduce the look of clutter, give you a uniform appearance in the space and still give you the storage that you need. 

Sliding Stair Storage

Stairs are an area that many people do not consider as a storage option. However, you can have sliding drawers built into each stair. These drawers can house books, files, wrapping paper, yarn, blankets and other household items. The drawers can be placed with quiet shut features to prevent too much noise when opening and closing the space. They can also be built to appear as normal stairs but have a hidden latch to open or have a push to open feature. 

If you like any of these ideas, or if you have more ideas, contact your contractor. They can schedule an on-site consultation to look over the area. They can then make suggestions for you that can work with your needs. You can also ask questions about the staircase, fees, and installation timeframes at the time of the consultation.


27 November 2020

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