Irresistible Reasons to Hire Metal Fabrication Services to Make Your Sheet Metal Components

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Baskets and trays remain ubiquitous parts in manufacturing equipment since these components play multiple roles in the production process. Nonetheless, the heavy-duty use that these parts are put through does mean that they need occasional replacement, as they will acquire normal wear from your manufacturing processes irrespective of what industry you are in. A common solution to this problem is purchasing prefabricated components for your manufacturing equipment, but while this may seem economical at the outset, the reality is that custom sheet metal fabrication will provide your industrial business with many more benefits. Rather than purchase the stock variety of these sheet metal components, consider the following irresistible reasons why you should enlist custom metal fabrication services for the production of baskets and trays.

Custom metal fabrication will increase the life cycle of your sheet metal components

Stock baskets and trays are built with standardised specifications in mind. Thus, while they may be durable enough to undergo certain processes, it is not guaranteed that they will be suited to your specific manufacturing techniques. For example, you may utilise steel baskets for your assembly line, but since part of the process entails exposure to harsh environments such as a chloride-based spray, the baskets have to be replaced regularly due to eventual corrosion. And while purchasing the baskets may seem cheap at the onset, the continual replacement does ultimately inflate your overall operational costs. Custom sheet metal fabrication is a better alternative for your business since you get to utilise the best grade of stainless steel to ensure that your baskets and trays do not succumb to damage due to exposure to an alkaline environment. Hence, you get to reap the benefits of an extended lifespan from your equipment's components, which translates into massive savings in the total cost of ownership.

Custom metal fabrication will enhance the efficiency of your manufacturing processes

The second irresistible benefit of enlisting metal fabrication services for your sheet metal components is that the custom parts will go a long way in streamlining your manufacturing processes, which results in considerably enhanced efficiency for your business. Another drawback of stock baskets and trays is that while they are designed to fit most types of equipment, you will need different sizes and dimensions to suit varying machinery. Not only does this mean spending money on multiple parts but it also demands that your manufacturing processes are disrupted by having to move products from one tray or basket to another so that it can go through the next processing stage. Custom fabricated components offer you the benefit of being designed to be as compatible with your pre-existing equipment as you want. Thus, rather than having to use multiple trays in the assembly line, you can use the same one for varying applications since they can be modified as needed.


15 December 2020

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