5 Great Advantages of Laser Metal Cutting

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Today, laser cutting is one of the leading technologies available for use in metal fabrication projects. As the name suggests, this cutting technique involves using a powerful laser beam to cut through metal material, turning it into a part of the desired shape and size. The machines used to do the cutting are called laser metal cutters.

Laser metal cutting offers an array of great advantages to users of laser-cut parts. Here are some of the top advantages associated with this metal cutting technique.

1. Great Precision

When focused tightly, laser cutting delivers smooth and clean cuts on metal material every time. Thermal distortion of cut parts is kept at a minimum because the laser beam only comes into contact with a very small area of the workpiece. This means that minimal production is required after cutting is complete. 

2. High Efficiency

Thanks to the advent of CNC machine operation, laser cutters can be programmed to produce high-quality cuts at a fast rate. This makes it possible to produce large runs of standard or customised metal products while meeting tight deadlines.

3. Tremendous Cost Savings

While the upfront cost of buying laser metal cutters is quite expensive, the efficient production achieved by employing the laser cutting process helps to cut metal manufacturing costs tremendously. 

Metal fabrication companies can pass this benefit to their customers by charging a lower price per unit. This results in financial savings for both metal fabricators and their clients. 

4. Increased Flexibility

Laser cutters can be used to cut through metal materials of various types and thicknesses. Equipment operators simply need to ensure their equipment has been set up to match the specifications of each job.

5. Increased Worker Safety

With the availability of CNC laser cutting, less human labour is required during the metal cutting process. Once the appropriate commands have been entered into a computer, laser cutting equipment operators simply have to monitor the cutting process from a distance. The automation of the laser cutting process has helped to mitigate hazards associated with manual metal cutting jobs.

Laser cutting technology has transformed the way metal parts are cut in a huge way. Metal fabricators that employ this cutting technique can now produce high-quality cuts at a fast rate and in an affordable manner. They're also able to reduce accidents and injuries associated with metal cutting jobs. For more information, contact a laser cutting service near you.


25 January 2021

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