4 Things to Think About Before You Buy Formatubes

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Cardboard Formatubes make it easy to build concrete columns. These tubes are effective moulds. You pour in the concrete, let it set and then take the tube off. You get a perfectly formed column.

Before you order tubes, however, you need to make sure that you have chosen the right products. What should you think about?

1. What Are You Building?

Formwork tubes all help you build concrete columns and posts. However, don't assume that you can use any tube for a build. While regular products work fine most of the time, there might be times when you need a tube with some extra reinforcement.

For example, if you're building piers, then your tubes might spend some time under the ground while the concrete sets. The cardboard on some regular tubes might not be thick enough to keep moisture out of the concrete. If moisture gets in, the concrete could get damaged.

Here, you should look at buying tubes with a thicker layer of cardboard. This should be enough to keep moisture and water away from the concrete as it dries.

2. What Are Your Dimensions?

Formatubes come in various diameters and lengths. While off-the-shelf products come in a range of sizes, you might need a custom tube for an irregularly sized build.

Or, you might have to cut a larger tube down to get the length you need. You can also adapt two smaller tubes to turn them into a bigger one if you can't get exactly the right diameter for your project.

3. How Do the Tubes Come Off?

Formatubes are generally easy to remove. The cardboard has a waxy lining so that it won't stick to the concrete.

However, some tubes are easier to take off than others. For example, some products have a strip on the tube that you pull when you want to remove it. When you pull the strip, the tube splits into two parts and falls away.

Others work on a spiral basis. When you pull the end, the cardboard comes off in a spiral movement.

However, in some cases, you might need to factor in a little more time for removal. Some formwork tubes have to be carefully cut off their columns.

4. What Grade of Finish Do You Need?

The type of formwork tube you use can affect the surface grade of your finished column or post. For example, if you use a tube without a liner, then any marks or lines inside the tube will show on the surface when the tube comes off.

If you need a high grade of finish, then look for tubes that have smooth interiors or that can be used with special plastic liners. They will give you a higher-quality finish.

For more advice, contact Formatubes suppliers.


2 March 2021

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